About the product:  Dried grapes (raisin or sultana) are dried grapes of fresh grapes. As a result of drying, only 1 kg of dried grapes (raisin or sultana) remain out of approximately 4-5 kg of fresh grapes. During drying, the water in the product evaporates and leaves the solids of the product. Therefore, nutritional values of dried grapes(raisin or sultana), especially carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, fiber to protein ratios have increased too. You can find different varieties in our dried grape sale above.
Harvest:  February Processing:  Imported grapes are packed in our own production lines.
Cultivation:  South Africa and Chile
No matter light or dark, the colour has nothing to do with the freshness nor the quality of the dried grapes (raisins or sultanas). All dried grapes (raisins or sultanas), including black, are obtained from green fresh grapes. Different colors are achieved result of different drying processes.
Packaging size:  250 gr. / 300 gr. / 400 gr.


Nutritional information (per 100 g) (these may vary depending on the variety)
Energy 1310 kJ / 310 kcal
Fat 2,8 g
Saturated fat 0,32 g
Carbonhydrates 61,5 g
Sugar 58,5 g
Protein 3,2 g
Salt < 0,1 g


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