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Welcome to our website! With us you will discover unique and natural enjoyment in various formats. We have everything you like, from a wide variety of delicious nut variations to sun-ripened dried fruit! If you would like to see our full range, simply go to the menu, click on “Products” and let yourself be tempted by our wide variety of delicious treats.


“Straight from nature”

Nature takes pride of place for us. With our vast range of varieties of nuts and dried fruit we would like to evoke a feeling that you might well have forgotten! A feeling that comes only from Mother Nature, with a taste that cannot be produced industrially.


About us


The company Fresh Nuts GmbH is  a modern company based in Hamburg working in old hanseatic manner  emerged to bring that vision of a high-quality products for everyone on the market.

In 1999, the brand “Meray” has been developed, and have laid the start of a his successful story.

With over 42 years experience in the nut and dried fruit sector, the company grew,so it is now represented by its branches with his Headquarter in Hamburg/Germany and production centers in Bad Oldesloe/Germany and Gaziantep/Turkey.

For our products we use the extraordinary combination of  traditional recipes of the nut and dried fruit processing from orient with the latest technical possibilities and quality standards like a complete IFS quality management to ensure a homogeneous symbiosis.

Using finest raw material and the close cooperation with our customers, ‘Meray’ brand expanded its product range in terms of selection and quality.

Finally all these points where decisive that ‘Meray’ brand is represented in European market, and in more than 50 Countries in close cooperation with a lot of leader Retailers world wide.

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With over 42 years of experience in the dried fruit and nuts industry, our company is represented in Hamburg / Germany with offices in Bad Oldesloe / Germany and Gaziantep / Turkey as well.

Superior quality, craftsmanship excellence, product freshness, high appreciation for our customers with our carefully selected and partners the best materials; these are the fundementals of our family company that creates awareness for Meray® brand products beyond Germany and Turkey borders.
Our high quality products not only offer a very special flavor experience, but also a very high quality and safety standard. Raw materials supplied from certified suppliers only. It must comply with specifications and based on strict quality controls. In addition, the entire production process is continually checked for compliance with the quality requirements for product safety and taste.

We are committed to this tradition! „Fresh Nuts“ takes responsibility for man and the environment. This includes the concern for compliance with hygienic production standards and the environment, as well as social problems, and of course, responsibility for our employees. We act according to the motto “Think global, act locally”. We focus on international development, but we never lose sight of their relationship with local people. Our relationship with our consumers is based on years of mutual trust built on expertise, experience, understanding and empathy.

This trust and interest in consumer needs is the key to our success!



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